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O. U. T. P. U. T
___1972, Canada ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________
>>>S. C. H. O. O. L. __G. I. R. L
___2000 Master of Fine Arts, New Genres, San Francisco Art Institute
___1996 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Photography, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design
E.X.H.I.B.I.T.I.O.N.I.S.T July 4, 2002+ (on-going) 1996-2006

___In a World with so many Things , Glama-Rama, San Francisco, Aug, 2005
___Neither Here, Nor There, Glama-Rama, San Francisco, Feb 15-April 10, 2004
___Expected to Stimulate, The Lexington, San Francisco, June 2003
___All Systems Go! Off-ramp Gallery, NY Oct 2001
Tina and Carl Sell Katie, Fort Mason, San Francisco 2000
___The Scattering of Katie’s Eggs, Easter Sunday, Downtown Toronto, Ontario, 1997
___Kiss my Fence, Again, Anna Leonowen's, Halifax, Canada 1996
___Memefest 2005 (winner), Slovenija, June 2005
___Fylkingen HZNet , Sweden ,#5 June 2005
___Stunned, Net Art Open, Ireland , June 2005, the electric arts program, CSU, California, Dec 2004
___Electrofringe 2004, Newcastle/This is not Art Festival, Australia, Sept-Oct 2004
___6th International Digital Art Exhibition and Colloquium, Centro Cultural, Havana, Cuba, June 2004
___MAF-04, Thailand New Media Art Festival, Bangkok, March, 2004
___Hilchot Shchenim-Lows for Neighbors, The Israeli Center for Digital Art, Israel, 2004
___FILE, Electronic Language International Festival, Brazil, 2003
___SARS Digital Art Exhibit, The SARS PROJECT, 2003
___Peam 2003, Pescara Electronic Artist Meeting, Pescara, Italy, 2003
___Istanbul Museum Web Biennial, Istanbul, Turkey 2003
___I-Highway - Netart from Canada, Java Museum, Germany, June 2003
___The Timmy Show, Glamarama, San Francisco, 2003
___The Wartime Project, 2003, London, Italy, Mexico, U.S.A, Spain, Amsterdam,
___Virtual Art @, A Collection of New Media Artwork, Athens, Georgia 2003
___NET.FILM, 3rd Biennial Exhibition, ABC No Rio Gallery, NY, 2002
___Don't Ever Change,
Tuttle Gallery, Baltimore, MD 2001

___Suburban Samizdat, Buffalo NY, Sept, October, December, 2001-2003
___Wallpapers, Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia, Canada 2000
___Graduate MFA Exhibition, Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA 2000
___Continuing MFA Exhibtion, Diego Rivera, San Francisco, CA 1999
___Intimations, Angell Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, 1999
___Apaware: Cash and Carry, Linz, Austria 1999
___Art Metropole Auction & Benefit, Christopher Cutts Gallery, Toronto, Ontario 1997, (online/archived) 1997
___Graduating BFA Exhibition, N.S.C.A.D, Nova Scotia, 1996
___Color, Khyber Art Center, Halifax, Nova Scotia, 1995
___Drawings, Anna Leonowen's Gallery, Halifax, Canada 1994
B. O. O. K. S __ + __M. A. G. A. Z. I. N. E
___Katie Gets Wet, Art Metropole, Toronto, Ontario, 1998
___Destroy UFO’S! Halifax, Vancouver, Toronto, Canada, 1993-1997

___Bathhouse Magazine , vol 1, no. 2 2002

>>>G. A. L. L. E. R. I. E. S __+ __O. N. L. I. N. E_ G. A. L. L. E. R. I. E. S
___Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, 2000
___Art Metropole
, 1998+, 2001
___, 2001
___Eleven Bulls, Issue 12, June, 2002, Issue 3, October, 2002
___Slurry Magazine , Spring 2003
___Basta! v1n2 Spring 1998 Basta! v1n4 Fall 1998 Basta! v2n1 Spring 1999
________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___
___The British Medical Journal 21/06/03
___Writers Guild of America Hot list ( Jan 2004
___Netart Review
10/16/03 (Swiss Newspaper) 01.02.2004
___New York Arts Magazine, Writer's Picks, Vol 71 01.02.20003
___Art Throb , Website of the Month, South Africa, Nov, 2004